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Hebei Provincial People's Government The implementation of the introduction of foreign talents under the new situation (June 8th, 2017) To implement the central about strengthening the work plan for introduction of foreign talents under the new situation, further implement the strategy of priority to the development of talent and innovation driven development strategy, strive to expand the scale of the introduction of foreign talents, effectively raise the quality of introducing foreign talents, combined with our province reality, put forward the following implementation opinions: (1) Innovating the Working System and Mechanism of Introducing Foreign Knowledge and Talent Providing Capital and Policy Support: The introduction of foreign talents ...

Top predictions for China Clean Energy Technology in 2016

gtchina 23 February 2016 Clean Energy Technology

Here are some of the trends expected by China clean energy technology in 2016 that are going to prevail this year. Rise of Corporate Renewals: Numerous corporate and gateways like Gate to China are slated to go main stream this year. These companies and firms are going to convert to 100% renewable this years and this will be a long term agreement, hopefully! Solar panels are an easy to implement and manage asset and also does not requires heavy engineering skill sets and thus we can expect it to be the trend setter this year. Wind and Solar: Though it was a trend last ...

Importance of Clean Energy Technology Association

gtchina 4 January 2016 Clean Energy Technology

Clean energy is a source which can be easily used without putting any harm on the environment. All of us have heard about the clean energy and fossil fuels. In today’s time, we are using fossil fuels in a way by using coal and oil, which are causing very extreme damage to the environment and our health as well. We are living in a world where everything is available in a jiff through the help of the technology, though we, most of the times, fail to notice its adverse effects on our bodies and the environment. [1] In the most of ...