Hebei Dedong Electric Vehicles Holding Company established in 2013

gtchina 6 February 2018 Uncategorized

Holding a German design patent for electric cars.

Looking for the below;

1. International Investment expecting minimum 60M euro or equal
a) Shares 45% – 49%
b) ROI 8%
2. Export their vehicles
i. Each type vehicle 2K / year
ii. focus on special vehicle (Heavy Duty) and logistic vehicles
3. New technology and solutions
a) Any talented personal with innovative creative minded to develop and produce new design the present battery to the next top level
b) Manufacturing company or factory to train onsite or jointly produce the newly designed accessory in China or overseas
4. Collaboration with
a) High technology companies in the motor vehicle industry
b) Green energy companies in the motor vehicle industry
c) Manufacturing and designing new innovative companies/factories in the motor vehicle industry
d) School/Colleges/Universities with their major or subject that teach motor vehicle

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