Waste water Treatment solution

Waste Water Treatment Solutions for Hebei

Hebei region of China is thriving both in terms of agriculture as well as the industry. However, explosive growth in both sectors has also served to magnify the problems of wastewater and effluents that pose a threat to the environment and to the lives of people and biodiversity. Fully conscious of the long-term implications of this threat, the Chinese Government has put Hebei on the priority list for development with waste water treatment being a key area where remedial action is to be taken. The Hebei government, with the support of the Chinese government plans to implement steps for waste water treatment.

Hebei Province International Educational Exchange Association, one of the 5 Hebei Province 2015 High Technology and intelligence Recruitment Centre approved by the government, serves as a gateway for this program of the Chinese Government. The program is multifold. It aims to create awareness among people about impacts of waste water on lives and environment. It also aims to help farmers and industries implement methods and install equipment that will treat wastewater in an affordable, sustainable and economically viable fashion. We serve as the conduit and facilitators for this program and to further this we invite:

  • Professors and researchers in this field to invite Hebei for paid lectures and to educate people about all aspects of wastewater and its treatment
  • Experts in all related fields of wastewater to visit Hebei and conduct training sessions and hold educational seminars as well as interactive forums with locals in each area of Hebei
  • Manufacturers of waste water treatment plants to visit, survey and recommend equipment as well as steps that will result in quantum reduction of dangerous effluents
  • Policy makers and analysts to visit and help the government formulate suitable short and long-term policies in this regard.

If you are connected to waste water treatment in any way and feel that you can make a meaning contribution to the improvement in Hebei in this sphere, please send us an expression of interest or proposal.