Air Pollution Treatment

Air Pollution Treatment in Hebei

Hebei is one of the top agricultural and industrial regions of China. Today, Hebei is highly industrialized with the presence of oil industry, cotton industry, coal mining, iron ore mining and smelting, cement, fertilizer, food processing, paper, flour milling, ceramics and ancillary industries. The result is that explosive industrialization has resulted in high levels of air pollution.

The Government of China has targeted Hebei as one of the regions for modernization and development in which a key area of development is to reduce air pollution levels and improve the quality of life. Further, the Government of Hebei with the support of the Chinese government is actively considering implementations of action plans that will bring a turnaround in air pollution levels to global standards of safety, saving the environment in the process and safeguarding health of people.

The region needs world class people, technologies and equipment as well as processes for air pollution treatment. Hebei Province International Educational Exchange Association, one of the 5 Hebei Province 2015 High Technology and intelligence Recruitment Centre selected by the government, invites specialists in air pollution control to get in touch with for a very rewarding opportunity is here.

We are looking for and invite:

  • Specialist scientists and engineers as well as researchers in air pollution control
  • Equipment manufacturers and turnkey solution providers for air pollution control processes and equipment
  • Professors and educators to visit Hebei to give lectures, demonstrations, hold seminars and conduct detailed training for people to create awareness and teach them to manage air pollution

This is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for short term and long term projects and a way to enter China with its huge business opportunities. Get in touch with by sending us an expression of interest and proposal as to how best you can contribute your expertise for an improvement of Hebei.