Useful Advantages of Affordable Renewable Energy Technology

Useful Advantages of Affordable Renewable Energy Technology

gtchina 16 May 2016 Air Pollution Treatment,Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Technology

Renewable energy is a countless one that strengthens the energy portfolio because of its inexhaustibleness and zero pollution to the planet. Hence it is high time to get to know about the advantages of renewable energy and its benefits for the future generation. Since it is clean, domestic, affordable and effectively boundless, this energy has the power of creating new opportunities for the local communities which indirectly supports local economy factors gradually. Affordable renewable energy technology [1] focuses on the unlimited resources with zero pollution and no global warming emissions to supply all set of energy sources to the human needs ...

Hebei’s War On Pollution Bans Coal Fired Boilers

gtchina 13 May 2016 Air Pollution Treatment,Hebei
air pollution

HEBEI PHASING OUT COAL-FIRED HEATING AND SMALL INDUSTRIAL BOILERS   Looking for fuel partners - contact us [1] immediately   January 2016, China’s ban on Coal Burning expands from city centres to suburban areas. Detailing its clean coal action plan 2015-2020, the National Energy Administration (NEA) said it would promote centralized heating and power supply by natural gas and renewables, replacing scattered heat and power engines fueled by low-quality coal. [2] Hebei is all set aiming to help improve the province's air quality by metering Coal Fired small Industry boilers.In Hebei, the coal-burning in individual coal-fired boilers is one of the main sources of pollutants, especially ...