Power Plant

Power Plants in Hebei to Meet Present and Future Needs

Hebei is China’s pride. It leads in agricultural production and in its high concentration of industries. Industries and, to some extent agriculture, require power and with this tremendous growth there will be a shortage of power according to estimates. Read this with the fact that the Government of China is keen to develop Hebei and make it a mainstream region of the country and one can see that growth will trigger a higher demand for power. Power generating stations rely on older technologies and are not positioned to meet the surge in power requirements in the coming years.

In this context the Government is anxious to introduce newer, more efficient power generating stations that will also be less polluting and is receptive to better technologies and equipments from abroad. Against this backdrop the Hebei Province International Educational Exchange Association, one of the 5 Hebei Province 2015 High Technology and intelligence Recruitment Centre chosen by the Government, works as a conduit and facilitator to further the goals of the government to modernize power generation and we welcome people connected with power generation to get in touch with us. We are interested:

  • In inviting specialises in power generation who can provide consultancy as well as educational/informational/training services for power generation industry and also for other sectors in better utilization of power.
  • Power generating equipment manufacturers and consultants to provide turnkey solutions based on coal, gas, hydro to generate power on the mega scale as well as at a micro level to feed large industries and villages.
  • Experts to assist government in formulating policies for power generation and utilization as well as offer consultancy in selection of the cleanest and least polluting equipment and methods
  • Experts in renewable sources of energy to tap the wind, hydro and solar power for remote areas and as a way to reduce pollution.

if you happen to have core expertise in any of these areas and would like to contribute to the improvement of Hebei province, the opportunities are promising and highly rewarding. We offer flexible short or long term arrangements. Please do send us an expression of interest or proposal as to how you can help in matters of power requirement in Hebei.