Gate to China, A Common Platform for International Cooperation

Gate to China is the online platform of Hebei Province International Educational Exchange Association, one of the 5 Hebei Province 2015 High Technology and intelligence Recruitment Centre, set up to serve as a gateway to the inflow of world class technologies across diverse segments with the common aim of development of Hebei province.

The Background

Hebei is somewhat backward in many areas and the Chinese government aims to bring this province up to an international level. With the assistance of the Chinese Government the Hebei Government has formulated a policy to upgrade this province in various spheres such as agriculture, industry, waste water treatment, air pollution treatment, environment industry, education and healthcare to name only a few.

Gate to China objectives

Gate to China aims to serve as the gateway to international cooperation in these and other areas that would directly or indirectly help to make Hebei as modern as is possible while preserving the cultural, ethnic and environmental ambiences. Instead of researching from scrap, we are thinking of inviting leaders in their fields to transfer know-how, technology and skills in a cooperative, collaborative way. Our scope covers:

  • Inviting and assisting patent owners of technologies to license technology to local manufacturers
  • Invite industry leaders to set up manufacturing bases, power generating plants and infrastructure services in Hebei
  • Calling in experts in social, medical, healthcare, industry, education, women upliftment and other diverse fields to visit Hebei and give demonstrations, lectures as well as hold training sessions and seminars
  • Inviting professors in various fields, especially waste water and environment sectors to visit Hebei and give lectures as also prepare roadmaps for improvements on a consultation basis
  • Inviting world marketing analysts to assist local enterprises gain access to global platforms of trade and to have international experts give locals the benefit of their skills
  • Invite speakers on policy formulation on economic issues to deliver lectures and create the right environment for progress.
  • Invite investors to invest in the development of Hebei

In general Gate to China acts as a conduit and facilitator for experts in any field from anywhere to contribute to the development of Hebei on highly advantageous and flexible terms. We invite expressions of interest from individuals as well as organizations.