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Hbitalent.cn is a comprehensive international high-end intelligence service network platform built by Hebei Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, ShijiazhuangBureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and Hebei Noah Haichuang Human Resource Service Co., Ltd. (Shijiazhuang Hi-tech Zone Talents Introduction Bureau). By the form of internet platform, the website carries work of talents introduction in Hebei area, releasing the information of the policy, the demand of talents and the demand of technical projects to the internet through the functions of membership registration, platform release and information carrying, and making the talents introducing information go global by the good spreading effect of the Internet.

At the same time, the supply information of foreign advanced technology projects and high-end talents are introduced into Hebei through the platform, so as to complete the accurate docking of talents, projects, technology and other information. And continuously propaganda and popularize Hebei’s sustainable perfected policy and developing environment of talents introduction through the Internet platform to realize introducing talents to Hebei and making Hebei more prosperous so as to better implement the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resources development.

We can provide a wide range of intelligence services, including the following:

1. Carrying and spreading the introducing needs of high-end talents and advanced technology projects for Hebei’s enterprises;
2. Carrying and disseminating the supply information about the high-end intelligence and advanced technology projects worldwide;
3. Achieving accurate docking between provincial enterprises’ demands and global advanced intelligence and project technology supply information through Hbitalent.cn;
4. Carrying and disseminating the information on provincial, municipal and regional talents introducing policy, and advantages of entrepreneurship and development;
5. Through the operation of Hbitalent.cn, it will be promoted on the influence and reputation of talentsentrepreneurship environment, so as to truly attract talents and strengthen Hebei.


Hotline:+ (86) 0311-85256515, from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday
Address:Building 9, Runjiang Headquarter International, High-tech Zone,
Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China

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