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Hebei Provincial People’s Government

The implementation of the introduction of foreign talents under the new situation

(June 8th, 2017)

To implement the central about strengthening the work plan for introduction of foreign talents under the new situation, further implement the strategy of priority to the development of talent and innovation driven development strategy, strive to expand the scale of the introduction of foreign talents, effectively raise the quality of introducing foreign talents, combined with our province reality, put forward the following implementation opinions:


Innovating the Working System and Mechanism of Introducing Foreign Knowledge and Talent

Providing Capital and Policy Support: The introduction of foreign talents must be incorporated into the economic and social development plan in every region, and the financial departments at all levels shall, in combination with actual arrangements, allocate funds for the introduction of foreign talents, to ensure the normal operation of the introduction. The provincial government will allocate 100 million CNY each year to the special fund for the development of talents and the introduction of foreign knowledge to support the introduction. Among them, the money is mainly used for the introduction of high-end, scarce talents, platform construction, project financing, international talent exchange, training abroad and exchanging information system development and operation, the key plan to organize the implementation, exchanging and high-end expert reward and so on.

For the world renowned prize winners and the academicians of developed countries, each person will be given 10 million CNY for scientific research grants and 2 million CNY for home subsidies; For the experts of the national “special talents program”, each person will be given a subsidy of 2 million CNY to 10 million CNY for scientific research and 1 million CNY for family expenses according to the research project level and importance. To hebei top of entrepreneurial innovation and transformation of achievements of foreign high-level talent team will be supported by 5 million CNY to 20 million CNY.

Special support will be given to special talents and teams, and the special support can be adopted in the form of “a matter of discussion”, which will not be capped in the research support subsidy. Build system of high-level talents introduction of early intervention in support, cannot enter high-level talent team project but with growth potential, as can be recognized as a reserve team introduction, provincial finance funded. The enterprises that imports above high-level talents from foreign countries will be awarded between 300,000 CNY and 500,000 CNY. The institutions and individuals who introduced outstanding foreign experts to hebei province will be awarded no more than 500,000 CNY. The financial departments in Hebei province is spending 10 million CNY each year to support key foreign exchange programs and international talent exchange programs. ‘YANZHAO Friendship Award‘ will be organized every two years to reward outstanding foreign talents who make outstanding contributions, awarding medals and honorary certificates, and awarding 100,000 CNY to 200,000 CNY.

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