Business Proposal

Dear Sir

GatetoChina is the official representative of the Hebei Province in its recent quest to promote the region, upgrade it and enable multilateral or bilateral technology transfers. In its bid to achieve its goal, GatetoChina is inviting qualified, experienced and seasoned professionals as well as organizations to form an association and work as its representative with the objective of transforming Hebei province.

The key areas in which we are interested are industry, power plants, air pollution treatment, environment, agriculture and waste water treatment solutions. However, the thrust area is renewable energy and its implementation in Hebei. If you are a researcher, scientists, speaker, investor, industrialist or patent holder in this sector, you are welcome to become our representative and work for the High Technology and Intelligence Recruitment Centre. Representatives will work in partnership with GatetoChina to explore existing opportunities and suggest new ones in the field of renewables.

As our representative you will have an opportunity to monetize your knowledge and skills as well as serve as a conduit for technologies to this region from across the world. The Government of China is backing the Hebei province development initiative and we are confident that, as our representative, you will have ample opportunities to showcase your skills, transfer your knowledge and benefit in monetary terms from associations with local industries and government agencies.

Should you be interested please do respond along with a brief write up of yourself stating the ways in which you can be of assistance. We will proceed further once we have the initial expression of interest from you.

Sincerely Yours
Hebei Province International Educational Exchange Association