BLog Intelligence Service Platform

gtchina 5 September 2018 Uncategorized is a comprehensive international high-end intelligence service network platform built by Hebei Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, ShijiazhuangBureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and Hebei Noah Haichuang Human Resource Service Co., Ltd. (Shijiazhuang Hi-tech Zone Talents Introduction Bureau). By the form of internet platform, the website carries work of talents introduction in Hebei area, releasing the information of the policy, the demand of talents and the demand of technical projects to the internet through the functions of membership registration, platform release and information carrying, and making the talents introducing information go global by the good spreading effect of ...

Hebei Dedong Electric Vehicles Holding Company established in 2013

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Holding a German design patent for electric cars. Looking for the below; 1. International Investment expecting minimum 60M euro or equal a) Shares 45% - 49% b) ROI 8% 2. Export their vehicles a) PROJECTION 2018 i. Each type vehicle 2K / year ii. focus on special vehicle (Heavy Duty) and logistic vehicles 3. New technology and solutions a) Any talented personal with innovative creative minded to develop and produce new design the present battery to the next top level b) Manufacturing company or factory to train onsite or jointly produce the newly designed accessory in China or overseas 4. Collaboration with a) High technology companies in the motor vehicle industry b) Green energy companies in the motor vehicle industry c) Manufacturing and designing new innovative companies/factories in the ...

Hebei Chunlei Industrial Group Holding Company established in 1992.

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Chunlei 3D newly established company in 2017, mainly focus modern technology to provide total solution in 3D industrial as well other high technology industries such as smart technology (robotics),smart devices ( used in medical sectors) to line up with.   As below they are looking for; International collaboration Companies School and Universities Hospitals Cooperation with any patent – transfer or exchange or newly owned in high technology International Investment Training, exchange programs to develop their present industry products Export their products to international market with total solution (Incubator) line with new innovative products manufacturing for local and international Established Companies Start-up companies Training school/colleges   We appoint Mr. Jean Michel Floc’h as our representative and placement agent. [unitegallery ...


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Hebei Provincial People's Government The implementation of the introduction of foreign talents under the new situation (June 8th, 2017) To implement the central about strengthening the work plan for introduction of foreign talents under the new situation, further implement the strategy of priority to the development of talent and innovation driven development strategy, strive to expand the scale of the introduction of foreign talents, effectively raise the quality of introducing foreign talents, combined with our province reality, put forward the following implementation opinions: (1) Innovating the Working System and Mechanism of Introducing Foreign Knowledge and Talent Providing Capital and Policy Support: The introduction of foreign talents ...


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Promote Your Intelligent Technology at the Release Conference of Hebei ProvincialGovernment May 18, 2017 Summary: The Hebei provincial Government is all set to organize an exclusive release conference on May 18, 2017, for the high-tech holders to effectively promote their technologies in cooperation with Gate to China. The technological backwardness of Hebei province has become a major concerning issue for the Government. They have distinctively formulated several policies to effectively upgrade the existing standards of diverse segments which include industry, agriculture, treatment of air pollution [1], environment industry, treatment of waste water, healthcare, education and many as such. In order to ensure an ...