Promote Your Intelligent Technology at the Release Conference of Hebei Provincial Government

Promote Your Intelligent Technology at the Release Conference of Hebei Provincial Government

Summary: The Hebei provincial Government is all set to organize an exclusive release conference in the late October this year for the high-tech holders to effectively promote their technologies in cooperation with Gate to China.

The technological backwardness of Hebei province has become a major concerning issue for the Government. They have distinctively formulated several policies to effectively upgrade the existing standards of diverse segments which include industry, agriculture, treatment of air pollution, environment industry, treatment of waste water, healthcare, education and many as such.

In order to ensure an overall development of the Hebei province, the Hebei Government is going to take a smart step in coordination with Gate to China to ensure outstanding technological as well as intellectual development of the province. Gate to China is going to organize a distinctive release conference in late October of this year for the renowned high tech professionals to promote their amazing intelligence as well as technologies on an international platform.

Conference for all

Gate to China, being an outstanding gateway, has organized this conference for the high tech experts of every segment. They distinctively-

  • Invite the Patent technology owners to provide technical license to the local manufacturers.
  • Invite leaders from every industry to set up their manufacturing base, infrastructure services, power plants, etc in Hebei.
  • Invite market analysts from the world for the assistance of local enterprises to gain significant access of globalised platform.

Register Now

The interested individuals who want to take part in this conference and make essential contribution in the development of Hebei can register themselves with Gate to China. The entire expense of round trip air tickets, hotel stay and the cost will be reimbursed by the firm if the interested individuals register prior to the given deadline.

About the Company: Gate to China emerges out to be an extra ordinary online platform for the effective development of Hebei province. They work in coordination with the International Educational Exchange Association of Hebei province to ensure appropriate inflow of high intelligence and advanced technology to the diverse segments of the society.

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