Give a Fillip to Industries in Hebei—Contribute Your Expertise

Hebei is an important contributor to China’s prosperity with industry value addition amounting to 475.9 billion yuan, exports totaling USD 16 billion and overseas projects valued at USD 11 billion. Foreign investment in Hebei stood at USD 1.91 billion. Revenue of Hebei exceeds 103.5 billion yuan. The sum total of all these figures is that Hebei is growing both in industry, telecom and agriculture. There is ample scope and saturation point is far away. The Government of China is also keen on upgrading this crucial region and has identified key areas where international knowledge and technology are welcome. One of the key areas is the industry for which it welcomes foreign companies and individuals.

  • Are you interested in establishing joint ventures in Hebei?
  • Do you have patents and technologies for outright transfer or licensing?
  • Would you like to take advantage of China’s low manufacturing cost, excellent infrastructure and low manpower costs and set up a unit in Hebei?
  • Would you like to invest in Hebei?
  • Can you offer training, consultancy and guidance in various key areas of industry such as manufacturing, quality control, TMQ, research or other areas where Chinese industries can benefit from this specialized knowledge?

If yes, please get in touch with us. Hebei Province International Educational Exchange Association, one of the 5 Hebei Province 2015 High Technology and intelligence Recruitment Centre, functions as a conduit and works as facilitator to further the goals of the government for the industrial sector on the one hand and to assist you in making a key entry into China with our knowledge of how things work here. Please send us an expression of interest or proposal outlining areas of industry in which you can contribute.