Environmental Industry

Environment Industry Experts Welcome to Hebei

Damage to the environment and its preservation are global concerns and the maximum impact is felt in areas with high agricultural and industrial activities. Hebei, as one of the high agriculture producing region of China that is also well developed industrially, suffers from the impacts of these activities on the environment.

The Chinese Government is alive to this threat to the future of mankind here and has made Hebei a thrust area for environment conservation measures. The Hebei Government, under the encouragement of the Chinese government, is tasked with formulating policies and implementing measures that will bring about radical improvements in environment conservation. In this backdrop Hebei Province International Educational Exchange Association, one of the 5 Hebei Province 2015 High Technology and intelligence Recruitment Centre, serves as a gateway to further this program of the Chinese Government and invites specialists in this field to take part.

We welcome experts in environment industry to contribute to this program on a highly rewarding basis. We invite:

  • Scientists and researchers in environment industry and technologies to give lectures, hold demonstrations and create programs that will improve awareness about the need to safeguard environment among Chinese people.
  • Environment industries to contribute by transferring technologies and supplying equipment that will reduce pollution and wastes, manage them or remove toxic components and thus minimize risk to biodiversity and lead to a cleaner, greener China.
  • Patent holders to transfer technology
  • Policy analysts to contribute by helping government frame policies and measures for the environment industry.

There is high potential in Hebei since the region is highly industrialized and also leads in agriculture. If you have the knowledge, the expertise and the equipment we welcome you to get in touch with us for short term or long term association on flexible and highly rewarding terms.