Towards a New Industrialization and Science

We are a world-class platform with a multi-purpose window that welcome global technology experts, academicians, experienced designers, engineering professionals and researchers at Hebei Province in China, getting engaged in high-paying scientific and industrialization projects.

In collaboration with the Chinese government and local administration at Hebei Province in China, we intend to create a knowledge, technology and industrialization hub partnering with leading professionals from various domains.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are:

  • A world-renowned academic fellow
  • An award-winning professor
  • A respected patent holder
  • A top-level entrepreneur
  • A scientific or engineering expert/ researcher with high credentials
  • Even a Nobel laureate!

By associating yourself with Gate to China, you will receive multiple benefits, such as:

  • High remuneration
  • Global recognition
  • Opportunities to sell your patents and business ideas
  • Huge research funds
  • Great living facilities
  • A diversified and friendly environment to work
  • Interesting and sophisticated projects

Simply submit your updated resume for lucrative opportunities. After your eligibility check, you will be recruited to a university or research corporation through our Gate to China platform.

Don’t wait and submit your resume to make your career more prosperous.

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President's Message

I have been involved in many exciting and ground breaking markets in the renewable energy industry. Let’s join hands and build something to be proud of. We are committed to recruit Green & Sustainable energy solutions with high technology for Hebei, China. I hearty welcome all guest lecturers to the world of Gatetochina.

Songlin Dou