Towards a New Industrialization and Science

Gate to China, a single multipurpose window to the International exchange programs at Hebei Province. We serve as a gateway to the inflow of world class technology, education, knowledge to Hebei. Skilled people or expertise can explore to themselves at Hebei to any extent with us.

Committed to start a revolution in the diverse segments with an aim of the “Rapid development”, The Government is bringing high end technology to transform Hebei to an international level.

In association with the Chinese Government, Hebei has brought in policies to practices that will help to upgrade the area.

As stepping stone towards this Nobel cause, we represent Universities, Institutes, hospitals & manufacturers from Hebei to invite any country’s academician’s experts or scientists of following fields

  • Machinery making,
  • Mechanists,
  • Bio-medicals, top level doctors
  • New township designers,
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals and
  • Environments protection

These experts can serve at part time position contributes to the development and a special research fund will be offered to you if necessary.

Invite famous international market, policy and investment experts/ advisers/anylizers to do seminars here

President's Message

I have been involved in many exciting and ground breaking markets in the renewable energy industry. Let’s join hands and build something to be proud of. We are committed to recruit Green & Sustainable energy solutions with high technology for Hebei, China. I hearty welcome all guest lecturers to the world of Gatetochina.

Songlin Dou