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Weixian County is located at the manufacturing and processing zone of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergetic development strategy, radiation area of middle China economic zone strategy and the core area of mid & southern Hebei development strategy. It is the golden cross connecting east and west, linking north and south in southern Hebei region.

Dalian-Guangzhou Highway, Dongying-Lvliang Highway, Qingdao-Yinchuan Highway and 106 National Road pass through the County; Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Jiulong Railway and Handan-Huanghua Railway pass it on the east and west side. Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Tianjin Port and Huanghua Port could be reached in 3 hours; Jinan, Shijiazhuang, Handan Airport in 1.5 hours while Xingtai High-speed Train Station in 0.5 hour. Weixian County is enjoying the most favorable geographical transportation condition in the world.

The all direction and modern stereo transportation system has made Weixian County part of the “space-time passage” of fast economic development in China, and integrated in the tide of global economy.

Weixian County, by taking the opportunity of investment moving from south to north, new urbanization and economic structure in-depth adjustment, has confirmed “emerging industrial city of North China, sub center of Xingtai City, and ecological city of living and working” as its development goal, which is made with the involvement the national top level planning and designing organizations. Opportunities are rising one after another, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergetic development is roaring to come, and economic globalization is surging and waving. All of these have made Weixian County marching along the forefront of regional investment and development. As Hebei Heilong Port Watershed Comprehensive Reform Pilot County and Key County of the National Poverty Alleviation and Development, Weixian County keeps on reform and innovation, explores new ideas and new measures to create favorable administrative service, superior development environment and high-quality industrial chain, to continuously initiate market vitality, and to further build a broad stage of dream for investors home and abroad. Weixian County is becoming one of the regions with the most vitality and the most investment value in south part of Hebei province in China.

As one of the counties of the fastest development in Hebei Province, Weixian County has gathered three leading industries of automobile & auto parts manufacturing, electronic information, and agricultural products deep processing, and two strategic emerging industries of general aviation and new material, with a large group of famous companies settled.

Adhere to the concept of industry-town integration, gathering nation wide city wisdom to plan and build a new industrial town, Weixian has become a town with expanded capacity and higher quality by owning a forest of tall buildings, smart ecology, green parks, leisure streets, prosperous commerce…… A series of city development blueprints have come true. A new city with complete function, perfect infrastructure, beautiful environment and favorable living and working condition is rising powerfully in the grand land of southern Hebei Province.

Planting trees lasting for a thousand years, building water system of a thousand years, constructing an ancient town of one thousand years, and inheriting culture of a thousand years is the City Dream of Weixian people.

Large investment has been made to rebuild “urban blood”. Many famous city planners from Tongji University and Tinghua University have worked out the city layout of “one city three stars”, and have drawn the future development blue print of Weixian County.

This is a city engraved of wisdom, passion, speed and strength. She, thanks to the far-sighted city blue print, has shown extraordinary brilliance.

Here, production, life and ecology have perfectly integrated in the space planning of the County. The foresight design such as sports center, culture and arts center and international exhibition center, and the functional zones of new town core area and industry clusters will jointly create a charming city of sustainable development.
This is an ecological city that can breathe. River maintenance, green land and park construction, low emission, energy recycling and symbiosis with nature will make the city healthy and sustainable.
This is a city with cultural intelligence. Deep rooted “red culture, open culture, painting & calligraphy culture, and folk art culture” have been maintained and encouraged. Vigorous and inclusive new town culture is filled with energy. Multi-culture elements are uniquely interpreted and integrated here.

In this ideal city, each and every one is having happy and peaceful life, enjoying balanced life and work, and cherishing leisure & harmony, which has pictured a perfect life scene.

Weixian County, a modern new industrial city with high-end industry, space ecology, talents gathering and substantial attraction, is in prototype, and is showing great and profound development potential.

A development zone, a city’s future. Weixian County firmly insists “industry-town integration”. The new county town of 18 km2 is planned in north part of county town, an Economic Development Zone of 31 km2 is planned in the east with total investment of 3 billion Yuan and built-up are of 21 km2. The two areas will be planned and constructed at the same time to lower investment and share resources, to invest economic zone while enjoying the new town. So far, about 200 high-performance companies and high-new tech enterprises have settled in the economic zone. Weixian County Economic Development Zone is “Pride of Hebei—one of the 100 name cards representing Hebei”.

Guided by national industry planning policy, Weixian County has confirmed the goal to be the undertaker of high-end manufacturing industry transfer in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergetic development strategy. With new development mode and highly intensive industry promotion mode, Weixian will focus on improving industry organization and insensitivity to upgrade industry level by scale system. 3+2 development structure will gradually take in shape consisting of three leading industries of automobile & auto parts manufacturing, electronic information, and agricultural products deep processing, and two strategic emerging industries of general aviation and new material. Economic Development Zone, Automobile Parts Industry Park, New Building Material Park, General Aviation Industry Park and Provincial Level Modern Agriculture Science and Technology Demonstration Park have been built. An industry cluster system with leading and supporting industry is to be formed by individual companies, industries and parks.

Dedicated to create “feature park and brand park” by strongly promoting construction of Shenzhen International Electronic Industry Park, Automobile Industry Park, Oude High & New Tech Industry Park, New Material Industry Park, General Aviation Industry Park and Culture Creativity Park, to form massive economy and circular economy.

Dedicated to foster over 10 billion Yuan industry cluster and industry chain. Focus on two leading industries of automobiles & auto parts industry and electronic information. Strongly promote construction of national level electronic information industry base and the biggest north China electro car base. Take full advantage of magnetic field effect to gradually build modern industry system with international competitiveness.

Dedicated to develop modern service industry by speeding up the upgrading of modern logistic industry, financial service industry and information service industry to achieve leapfrog development.

Dedicated to develop modern agriculture, with “three belts and one park” as the core, to build quality fruit industry belt, greenhouse vegetable industry belt, animal husbandry industry and modern agriculture technology demonstration park, and to build well-known ecological sightseeing agriculture base in north part of China.

Six-in-one support: for key projects, county level officials, disciplinary inspection officer, police officers, head officer of responsible department, head of bank and responsible officer will give full support, green channel approval and whole-process service will be proved, while Investor Certificate is issued for priority selection of school, hospital……

Ten connections and one leveling standard – From “building the nest to attract phoenix” to “attracting phoenix to build nest”, Weixian County is committed to improve soft environment to create new value strength. Ten connections and one leveling are in place, making the carrying capacity enhanced.

Abundant labor resources – owning 280,000 young labor force. 1.55 million labor force within 50 km radius insures sufficient labor supply.

Rich power supply—The total annual power supply is 230,000 KVA with enough expansion space.

Rich water resources – The annual water supply is over 200 million m3. Diverting Yellow River to Weixianand South-to-North Water Diversion Project have enriched water resources.
Rich land resources – Close to 10,000 mu construction land reserve.

Preferential land policy—- Reward based on the fixed assets investment and tax contribution. Reward for projects with RMB 100 million Yuan, RMB 200 million Yuan and RMB 300 million Yuan fixed assets investment is RMB 50,000 Yuan/mu, RMB 40,000 Yuan/mu and RMB 30,000 Yuan/mu respectively after the land is sold in the form of industry development fund. Reward for over RMB 500 million Yuan project is decided based on discussion.

Preferential tax policy—Within 1-2 years after production, the local retained part of tax payment is fully refunded to the company, within 3-5 years, 50% refunded. For special industry and high tax payment industry, refund is based on discussion.

Talent subsidy of RMB 2500 Yuan, RMB 1600 Yuan and RMB 1000 Yuan per month to the medium level and above talents including senior, deputy senior and intermediate engineers.

For the university graduates who have signed labor contract with the company by open recruitment, their personnel relationship will be settled in fully government supported institutions, and salary will be paid by County Government.

Free service of introducing operators for companies, and free pre-employment training.
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