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gtchina 22 June 2016 Agricultural Research,Foreign Experts

Foreign Experts - Gate to China

  1. Experts in Eco Agricultural Research:

The incumbent should have adequate experience in clean energy research (solar light and heat utilization, new energy, biogas operation and other direction). Candidates with patent or proprietary technology will be preferred.

  1. Experts with Overseas Doctoral Degree (Not more than 55 years of age).The candidate should be a doctoral degree holder from a well-known university, research institute, or enterprise as the title of professor or equivalent professional title or above; in high performance fibers (carbon fiber, aramid, polyimide fibers, etc.) preparation, polymer (poly formaldehyde, nylon, polycarbonate) synthesis and application, high performance carbon materials (needle coke, carbon foam, graphene) preparation etc.

He or she should be well-versed with the world’s advanced research and development and application of key technologies. His or her academic papers should be published in major international journals for near about 5 years. Candidates who have own any significant award science and technology will be preferred.

  1. Experts in the following fields:

(1) Technical guidance of the research and development work of the boring machine, technical scheme, audit, preparation of the mechanical process of the automation equipment layout, and according to the technical drawings and design process standards and requirements;

(2) Continuous improvement of the performance of the boring machine, the formation of design drawings and technical standards, to guide the production and standardization;

(3) Optimization and improvement of the design of the existing tunnel boring machine;

(4) Customized product design and other specific work.

  1. Experts who is experienced in international trade and marketing, familiar with financial products and services, and on the exchange rate change trend, familiar with bank financing channels and business settlement, financing guarantee business, supply chain finance services.
  1. Experts in monitoring work experience and professional skills, familiar with the environmental monitoring quality management system, familiar with the quality control and monitoring of quality assurance technology.To master the establishment of VOCs monitoring system and the related technologies and methods of source apportionment.
  1. Experts who has experience at Tulane University School of medicine and the Texas Medical Center Anderson MD cancer center, who is Well-versed in mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, technology, and experienced in the installation of equipment.
  1. Experts who has a higher academic research in the field of foreign agricultural science and technology. Should have a high academic attainment in the international field.

According to the characteristics of North wolfberry plant, set up a set of effective scheme to overcome diseases and insect pests of Chinese wolfberry. The different emergency measures should be taken for different climate.

According to the law of water consumption and nutrient demand of Chinese herbal medicine, such as Chinese wolfberry, root of Chinese herbal medicine, the suitable irrigation quota and the suitable amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients in every growing period of Chinese herbal medicine were established; Chinese herbal medicine production, excellent yield planting and management technology, the introduction of foreign advanced planting technology and management technology, according to the park ecological environment characteristics of the development of the corresponding operating procedures.

In the process of deep processing of Chinese herbal medicine, put forward reasonable, first evolution guidance, extension of the wolfberry industry chain.

  1. The experts who has experience mainly based on the GFE group in Germany and the United States Redding companies and other international well-known alloy producer researchers.My company’s main project titanium alloy, intermediate alloy, including two to five yuan alloy of vanadium aluminum alloy, molybdenum, aluminum alloy, aluminum and niobium alloy, Al TA alloy, aluminum, molybdenum, tin, copper and iron, therefore, need expert in alloy smelting industry research,
  1. Experts who can provide technical advisory services in Carbon black production. Overall planning for the annual production of 300 thousand tons of high quality rubber carbon black, one of the productions of carbon black. Project has been put into operation in 2013, the main building two carbon black production lines and supporting carbon black tail gas power generation project.
  1. Experts who is an outstanding representative of the field of biogas, rich experience in the design of biogas engineering process, familiar with the equipment of biogas engineering.The main job is to design, equipment selection and technical training, and technical guidance for the construction and commissioning of the biogas project.

Experts from Georgia fruit trees in particular, grape cultivation, breeding experts, there are successful experiences in exotic planting fruit trees.

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