Hebei’s War On Pollution Bans Coal Fired Boilers

gtchina 13 May 2016 Air Pollution Treatment,Hebei



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January 2016, China’s ban on Coal Burning expands from city centres to suburban areas.

Detailing its clean coal action plan 2015-2020, the National Energy Administration (NEA) said it would promote centralized heating and power supply by natural gas and renewables, replacing scattered heat and power engines fueled by low-quality coal.

The most serious pollution source for Baoding is coal-burning

Hebei is all set aiming to help improve the province’s air quality by metering Coal Fired small Industry boilers.In Hebei, the coal-burning in individual coal-fired boilers is one of the main sources of pollutants, especially in winter.

A severely polluted city in Hebei, the contribution of coal burning takes up 35.1 percent during the heating season, on top of the list of pollutant sources.

“The most serious pollution source for Baoding is coal-burning,”


GatetoChina : According to the Hebei Government, there will be a very very strict regulation in Hebei starting from 1st July 2016.



Industrial boilers in Hebei will not be allowed to use the coal as burning material. Under the action plan, coal-fired industrial boilers will all shift to burn natural gas or clean coal. High-polluting coal and boilers are going to be replaced by Clean Coal & Boilers, which are environmentally-friendly.

The trouble for some small town or rural area manufacturers which are not connected to the gas resource.

Gatetochina, is all set to find the resolution to all these manufacturers and we are looking for partners from USA. Do you have the similar products in USA which can replace the coal to burn the boiler? Please do contact us.

For example, Zheng boiler, biomass boiler, fuel gas boiler, alcohol based boiler and waste heat boiler can be a lot of alternative coal-fired boilers to heating.

The government will offer subsidies for clean fuels, it said, without giving details.

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