Hebei Chunlei Industrial Group Holding Company established in 1992.

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Chunlei 3D newly established company in 2017, mainly focus modern technology to provide total solution

in 3D industrial as well other high technology industries such as smart technology (robotics),smart devices ( used in medical sectors) to line up with.


As below they are looking for;

  1. International collaboration
    1. Companies
    2. School and Universities
    3. Hospitals
  2. Cooperation with any patent – transfer or exchange or newly owned in high technology
  3. International Investment
  4. Training, exchange programs to develop their present industry products
  5. Export their products to international market with total solution
  6. (Incubator) line with new innovative products manufacturing for local and international
    1. Established Companies
    2. Start-up companies
    3. Training school/colleges


We appoint Mr. Jean Michel Floc’h as our representative and placement agent.

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